Grief & Bereavement Services

Hospice can play a positive role in helping people to understand the process of grieving. Hospice staff and volunteers understand that everyone grieves differently and provide tools for acknowledging and remembering both the life and the death of a loved one.

Bereavement is the loss of someone or something to which a person has an emotional attachment. Grief is the emotional response to the loss. Grief does not respect age and recognizing this, Hospice Georgina offers grief support and education for children, adults, and families who live in Georgina. Support in the home or at school is also available.

Hospice Georgina’s grief services are funded by United Way Toronto and York Region. There is no cost to clients for our programs. Grief services include anticipatory grief support for palliative clients and/or friends and family members of people who have a life-limiting illness, as well as grief support for those who have lost someone close to them.

"It was a small group where you found you could share your experience of grief and be listened to. It was facilitated by capable leaders who made sure everyone was heard and respected.
I learned that it is okay to feel your grief, not to push it away."

After the loss of a loved one many people find it helpful to connect with others who have experienced a loss. Hospice Georgina provides a comfortable, supportive and safe environment for groups. Being part of a grief support group can be a healthy step in accepting the loss of a loved one and moving down the path to renewed happiness and wellness. Groups are facilitated by trained volunteers.

Use of our lending library, community education sessions, and referrals to other community agencies are all a part of Hospice Georgina’s Grief Services. Please contact Hospice for more information.