Hospice Georgina Mission

Hospice Georgina is a caring community of trained volunteers dedicated to providing non-medical emotional, and spiritual support to all people in Georgina with a life threatening illness, and also to their families and care givers.

Agency Vision

Hospice Georgina strives toward the standard of excellence in the practice of community hospice palliative care by demonstrating empathy and compassion for Georgina residents struggling with terminal illness and bereavement. We measure our results in positive client outcomes, continued service improvement, and supported family satisfaction. Hospice Georgina’s vision is to support an individual’s quality of life, and dignity at death, in their place of choice by sharing the caring.

Agency Values

Hospice Georgina is committed to core values that guide our thoughts and actions. We strive to make a difference to the clients we serve and to make our community a healthier and more prosperous place. Our core values are:

RESPECT - Respect lives in Georgina. We serve everyone in the community in need of our support.

VALUE - Compassionate care comes to your house when you’re not able to go out, and our service is free.

PRIVACY - We protect the confidentiality of client information and never share it outside the care team.

LOCAL - Service for and in the community of Georgina with a deep rooted understanding of the people who live here.

TRUST - Since 1994, we have served the community and we continue to grow to meet emerging needs.