Many patients who are diagnosed with a life-limiting illness want to live the remainder of their lives in the comfort, security and familiarity of home, surrounded by those who love them. In this age of high-tech medicine, there is still the need to have caring people who understand and who offer simple companionship when it is so desperately needed. Well-trained hospice volunteers help to satisfy these very important needs across Georgina.

"I want to thank your organization for all the support you gave to my mother. Also a big Thank You to her volunteer. My mom liked her a lot.

She is a wonderful person.

Thank you again."

Sometimes people think that Hospice Palliative Care Services are only available in the last days or weeks of life but the support services, library resources and programs of Hospice Georgina are available for people from the time of diagnosis. Making the most of life includes making decisions that are right for you and your family. The experienced team at Hospice Georgina will work with you to assure you the comfort, understanding and support you need.

Who do we serve?

Hospice clients range in age from children to seniors and include their families and caregivers. There is no fee for services and you do not need an OHIP card. Hospice serves people with cancer; large organ failure such COPD, CHF, and kidney failure; neurological disorders such as MS, ALS, Parkinson's disease, and dementia; or any life threatening/life  limiting illness. Contact our Client Care Coordinator to discuss your situation.

Services We Offer

Hospice Georgina staff and volunteers can provide emotional, social and spiritual support to individuals facing life-limiting illness. It can be helpful to have a good listener who understands and who offers simple companionship when it is so desperately needed. Well trained Hospice volunteers can help people to continue enjoying what is important in their lives despite health limitations.

"Please pass on my sincere thanks to [the volunteer] and to you as well for reaching out to try and help us. It was so appreciated."

Following an initial assessment, the Coordinator may be able to match a trained volunteer to start in-home visits. Volunteers support people through conversation, silence, a gentle hand or foot massage, offering a cup of tea, or providing respite to a tired caregiver. A volunteer is able to visit in the client's home, long-term care facility, retirement community, or other accommodations.

Examples of how a visiting volunteer may help:

  • Companionship and active listening

  • Running errands

  • Assist with writing, scrap booking of life stories, story telling

  • Reading out loud, playing cards, doing crafts

  • Watching TV

  • Provide respite and support to caregivers

  • Providing a variety of non-medical comfort and services

  • Just sitting quietly nearby so you are not alone

  • Regular telephone check-in

  • Information and advocacy to navigate systems within Palliative Care


Volunteers will not provide nursing, personal or medical care, give medications or offer advice or counseling.

Day Hospice Program

This group is open to any adult living with a life-limiting illness who would enjoy meeting others who may understand their experiences. To benefit from this leisure time group, individuals should be: cognitively able to converse with others, mobile or using aids such as a wheelchair, and able to manage their own personal care.

Enjoy a weekly retreat away from the ordinary. Participate in friendly chats and group activities that promote fun, laughter and well being. Take part in a variety of education and activities over a cup of tea or coffee. We provide a hot lunch and transportation supports as needed. There is no fee for this group which meets in Sutton every Wednesday morning from 10am till 2pm at Hospice Georgina.

I think this program is excellent, you give us so much. We share advice and get to open up with one another so that we don’t feel alone”.


We encourage people with similar illnesses or situations to come together to share tips and experiences.

Hospice Georgina offers the Women's Cancer Support Group to women at any stage in their cancer journey from newly diagnosed, undergoing treatment or sharing a survivor's experience with others. This is an ongoing bi-weekly group that you can join any time. The Women's Cancer Support Group meets in the afternoon on Thursday's between 2-3:30 pm, every other week at the Sutton office.  See event calendar for dates.

Caregiver Program

"There are only four kinds of people in the world: Those who have been caregivers, those who currently are caregivers, those who will be caregivers, and those who will need caregivers".
- Rosalynn Carter


Hospice Georgina recognizes the important responsibility it is to be a caregiver for someone who has a life-threatening illness. This can be a 24 hour a day undertaking from physical care to personal care, emotional and social support, meal planning and transportation. Perhaps you are a caregiver who is simply doing whatever needs to be done to assist someone who is ill or frail.

Hospice Georgina can provide resources to you. Our Client Care Coordinator can meet privately with you to help you sort out your feelings and develop a strategy for dealing with the changes that caregiving brings. The hospice office has resources, books and information about topics related to caregiving that you may borrow. We can make referrals to caregiver support groups such as those offered by CHATS.

"Yes, [the two visiting volunteers] were good to have. Even as someone for me to talk to and Dad to listen to. I know he was in there listening.

Thanks for your help."

Our volunteers can provide home visits so that you can have a break on a regular basis. Volunteers also provide a listening ear to help you find the strength to cope. We offer a weekly Drop-In Program which allows you two hours of uninterrupted time for yourself to relax or recharge as your loved one enjoys a morning away from home.