Favorite Family Recipes Cook Book!For Sale $15.00



I was asked why I wanted to put this cookbook together and sell it to give the money to Hospice Georgina. I was told I had terminal cancer five and a half years ago.  I felt all the feelings everyone with cancer feels, disbelief, anger and alone.  My cancer is very slow during the first stages.  At the end it is very fast.  I knew I needed to find somewhere to go to help me accept my fate.  I now have accepted my cancer.  I started coming to Hospice Georgina meetings around four years ago.  I first attended meetings at the public library in Keswick.  It was a small group bit it was helpful to me. Going to meetings at Hospice Georgina helps me with my feelings.  I do not know what would be my fate right now if I did not have Hospice Georgina to turn to when I have feelings of dismay, or when I am feeling alone. They are always there for me.  One volunteer gives me a hug every meeting before I go home, but she makes me feel like everything will be alright.  Because of the friendships and care I receive from Hospice Georgina, I wanted to do something special to show them I appreciate what they have done for me.  I have put together cookbooks to give to friends and family.  The recipes in the book come from employees, volunteers and clients of Hospice Georgina.  They were all really nice for helping me, be able to put this book together.  I could not have done it without their recipes.  Hospice Georgina is funded by Palcare Network & United Way.  The funding doesn’t cover all expenses to keep programs running at no charge.  Hospice Georgina holds many events to help support their programs.  They do so much for people in the area.  They have group meetings to help people who are terminally ill or have lost a loved one.  Clients, who are unable to leave their homes, have a visiting volunteer come to their home to support the caregivers and the client.  The staff and volunteers who work with Hospice Georgina are very caring and friendly people. They are the ones you hope are there when the final hours come.  I have now gotten diabetes and asthma both since I joined Hospice Georgina and the people there made it easy for me to accept my new health conditions. That is why I want to sell this book and donate the money to Hospice Georgina because they are always there for their clients.

-Donna Beaupre